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Pokemon Go Walkthrough: All You Need To Capture All Of Them

Pokemon Go was launched in July 2016 for Android and iOS devices. There is no point in telling you that this game took the world overnight and literally became one of the most popular games ever. You already know this, but keep in mind that the game is complicated and rich in features, so there are a lot of facts, tips, and tricks you should know before starting the game. Even if you already started, but you got stuck, this walkthrough will help you move along and get success playing the game.

Important: This game involves actual movement across your city, country or even international traveling, so be prepared to leave your home if you want to reach high levels and become a successful Pokemon hunter.

Introduction of Pokemon Go game

The game allows you to search and capture Pokemons in the real world. You will be able to see them on your smartphone and to use different possibilities to become their ‘’owner’’. However, this is more complicated than it sounds, so don’t expect to master the game in just a few hours. On the other hand, the game is very appealing once you realize how to play it and get used to all the tricks available.

When a Pokemon is close to you, your smartphone will alert you. The next step is to follow him and use a Pokeball to capture him. This is the main aspect of the game. Once you have captured a Pokemon, you will get additional capabilities, such as leading your gym, evolving him and performing amazing battles.

At the beginning, you will have to choose between 3 Pokemons. They are fire (Charmander), grass (Bulbasaur) or water (Squirtle). Now, we know that most gamers prefer Pikachu, which is hard to get. The only way possible to get him at the beginning is to reject all of three Pokemons at the start. Wait and walk away, until the Pokemons respawn. Sadly, you will have to perform this procedure a few times in order to get Pikachu eventually. Once he becomes available, he will be among the first three Pokemons. Now you can choose him.

Once you have captured a Pokemon, you will have to train and level him. Here, the main goal is to reach a stable level and become a Gym leader. Each Pokemon will be available to evolve, which is also an important aspect of the game itself. Try to remember that evolving makes them stronger and capable of performing additional moves and tricks.

February 2017 update: What it brought to the game? Pokemon Go Cheats

In February 2017, the game was upgraded. If you are an experienced player, you may have noticed some of the additional features and improvements. Anyway, the all-new features include:

New creatures. There are 80 of them and all come from Johto region.

Pokemon Go Berries have been added.

New tweaks allowing you to hatch new Pokemons easily.

Umbreon and Espeon evolutions.

All-new list of Egg distances and Best Pokemons.

You get an additional bonus if you manage to capture a Pokemon from the first attempt.

New regions are added as well. They are Heracross and Corsola.

All of these features should make the entire game more interesting and appealing. We have tested all features here and we must add that they actually work. The game requires more time so you can reach higher levels and the number of options is significantly improved.

Finding the Pokemons

Obviously, the first thing you will have to do is to find Pokemons. Only when you find him, you can catch him. Here you have a few possibilities. You can search for them indefinitely, which will guarantee you to see and capture different and non-targeted Pokemons, or you can play smart and search for specific Pokemons.
Sightings and Nearby tracers became available since previous updates. Sightings are available to gamers from all parts of the world, while Nearby tracers aren’t. According to our research, they are commonly available to users from the United States. Anyway, using these features you can get a better idea where the Pokemons are. If they are close to you, it is the right moment to start the hunt.
One of the best ways to find Pokemons is to search for them according to their kind. For example, water Pokemons are usually located close to lakes and rivers, while grass Pokemons are present in the parks and similar areas. A separate kind of Pokemons are region-exclusive. They are present at specific locations in the world, so if you want them, you will have to travel.

Pokemon Go Hacks – Capturing a Pokemon

Once you saw a Pokemon, you must capture him. As we mentioned earlier, you will have to throw a Pokeball in order to complete your mission. Always throw it when the circle is green or yellow. By doing this, you have the highest chances of capturing a Pokemon in question. Using pointer finger is the best tip here, due to improved dynamics and a much better precision.

With each throw, you will get experience points. Depending on how successful you were, you will get:

1. Nice- 10XP.

2. Great- 50XP.

3. Excellent- 100XP.

As you may believe, excellence is the best way to collect experience, which is going to be needed later. Spinning the ball will give you additional points. However, this is a hard task, which requires a lot of exercising. But, if you capture him when a ball is spun, you will keep him in a ball for a longer period of time.

Colors are signs of how difficult capturing a Pokemon will be. Some of them are extremely easy to capture, while others are almost impossible. The unwritten rule is that Pokemons with a lower CP (combat power) are easier to catch because they won’t resist. Those with green colors are the easiest, but those with red circles are the hardest. Orange circles are medium.

Using items will help you capture Pokemons. There are different items, available in the shops and PoekStops. In general, they are divided as purchasable, evolution, collectible and others. There are plenty of them, but chances are high you will use collectible and evolution items the most.

Pokemon Go Cheats – Training a Pokemon and becoming Gym Leader

Only after you have reached level 5, you will have the ability to join a Gym. There, your mission will be to train your Pokemon and to improve his abilities. Obviously, the main goal of all players is to become a Gym Leader. Those with the highest amount of CP are Gym Leaders. They have a crown that confirms that.

Becoming the best isn’t an easy task. First of all, Gyms are led by teams. You will have to defeat another Gym and take over control. This is achieved by prestige depletion of the enemy’s team. Once you have defeated all the trainers, you will be kicked out. Don’t worry, but continue to challenge that, particular gym. Once it becomes gray, you will become the main trainer there.

Pokemon Go tips and tricks to use as soon as you start playing the game

In order to become a better player and actually make a huge success in the game, using the following tips and tricks are highly recommended. All of them are acquired from professional gamers, with some of the highest levels achieved in the game. An interesting fact is that all tips and easy to use and there are no limitations.

Watch the circle size when capturing a Pokemon. Always try to catch a Pokemon when the circle is the smallest. By doing this, you have the highest chances.

Using a compass is really crucial in the game. Select a Pokemon which one you want to capture and turn on the compass. It is an icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Now, you must rotate your smartphone. When you are facing a correct direction, the bottom of the screen will start pulsing green. When you are close to him, the screen will pulse more frequently.

Razz Berries can be used just one time. If your capture was unsuccessful, you will have to use another Razz Berry.

There are 142 different Pokemons in the United States. Only after you have caught all of them, you can switch a continent.
A higher trainer level you have, rare Pokemons you will get.

When you want to transfer a Pokemon, click on it in the main menu, and then select transfer. As the award, you will get one candy. However, it is crucial to remember once it is transferred to professor Willow, you won’t be able to use that Pokemon anymore.

Never level up a Pokemon as soon as possible, especially when your level is low. You will end up with a weak character.

Turn off AR. By doing this, you won’t have to point your phone towards strangers. You will still be able to capture Pokemons, and easier than ever. Maybe this is a fun touch, but playing without it will definitely help you.

Pay attention to CP and available moves. Ideally, you should capture a Pokemon that has plenty of CP and knows several moves. Those with low CP and without any moves shouldn’t be your priority.

Get correct eggs. When you visit Pokestops, you should get an egg. But, just doing this isn’t enough. The next step is to place it in an incubator. The number you will see, usually paired with the KM means how long hatching will take. Those with higher numbers will need a longer period of time to walk around, but they are more powerful. At the beginning, you should choose those that will hatch as soon as possible, but later in the game, choosing eggs with a stronger Pokemons is preferable. Addition: In order to place an egg in an incubator, click on the Eggs tab and choose an egg and the incubator.

Blastoise, Gyarados or Charizard are extremely powerful and rare Pokemons. If you want to find them, you will have to look for them for a long time. It is a general rule of the game. Pokemons that are more powerful are harder to capture and almost impossible to find. Those that are easily available are usually weaker.

Use a public transport or your own bike/car. As we mentioned, you will need to move in order to walk your Pokemon in the incubator and after he hatches. Some of them must be walked for 10 kilometers, which is a lot. Luckily, there is a trick. Use a train or any other transportation alternative to tweak the game.  It uses GPS, so it isn’t important which alternative you use to move across the city.

User account recommendation

When you download the game and you run it for the first time, you will have an option to choose between Pokemon Go account and Gmail. We actually believe that Google account is a much safer option. It has no glitches and it won’t lose server connection, no matter where you are.

This is a separate tip that players who are planning to explore the world for searching Pokemons must use. You definitely don’t want to lose server connection while you are capturing a precious Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Hack – The final thought

Pokemon Go is a wonderful game that is free to download and play. It is one of the first that combines real world with online gaming. Thanks to this, you will be able to experience amazing adventures, to become a professional player and to meet new people (Pokemon Go communities). For all of this time and our walkthrough are needed. By using it, the game is much easier, but none of the essences have been compromised, so you still get all the advantages and all the benefits the game has to offer. Remember to pay attention to surroundings while playing the game! Also, make sure you visit it every day, in order to get additional bonuses and attend events that will boost your experience and increase your level. If you need help with the game make sure you try our pokemon go hack!

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