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How To Play Megapolis Game: Tips And Tricks

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Megapolis game is a strategy-based game developed by Social Quantum. In the game, your missions will be to expand the city, to make your residents perfectly happy and to advance. When you reach higher levels and you develop an actual Metropolis, your mission will be to maintain and run it. Because there are a lot of aspects, possibilities, and developments to perform, Megapolis game is complicated. It will require a lot of time to reach the desired level. Luckily, the user interface is interesting, so is the game, so this is more a pleasure than a difficult task.

Basics of Megapolis game

megapolis cheatThis is a free game. You can play it as long as you want, without any limitations. Once you start the game, you will be able to complete the tutorial. Alice will lead you until you are ready to start playing alone, and until you don’t perfect your skills. As we mentioned, the game is complicated, so completing the tutorial, and paying attention to the details is more than just recommended.
The absolute basics of the game suggest that you need a lot of residents in order to collect money that can be used for advancing and improving the city. If your residents are not satisfied with the ‘’life’’ they will leave, meaning that you will generate less money. The first thing to do is to start building houses. More houses mean more residents. All of them will pay tax, so you will be making money.

megapolis hack apkIn essence, you can play the game as you want, but there are some rules. For example, you will have to collect the tax, by clicking on the icon that will appear above a house. Once collected, you will have to wait 5 or 20 minutes before you can repeat the process. The time depends on a type of a house. A bungalow will require 20 minutes, but a wooden house will require 5 minutes only to generate tax.
The limit of the population must be increased constantly. When your limit is 4.300 people, you should build grove and increase it to 4.500 residents. Megapolis game is far more interesting than similar games thanks to the additional building possibilities. You can build decorations, specific structures, all of that in order to increase the population and therefore a profit.

How to play

We explained the basics of the game, but now is the time to help you with how to play. Keep in mind that even if you make a mistake, it can be corrected, so this is a stress-free game.

Two main things to develop are electricity and water. You should improve them constantly in order to make suitable life conditions to the residents. Always make sure both of these aspects are sufficient. Water plants are also needed to raise the population limit, so built them as many as possible.

Roads can make your city more successful and more efficient. However, they are not mandatory to own. On the other side factories and commercial buildings such as restaurants and etc. should be built. They will generate the money/tax and you will have to collect it. Factories will produce different items that also offer you rewards. Important: During the game, you will notice different projects. They should be completed in order to get extra XP, money, electricity or etc.

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Advanced buildings come later in the game, but they are more than just needed. You can build a city hall where you can hire a friend to collect all of the tax. This means that you won’t have to collect it manually, obviously. A tax office is the next important building. Here, you can adjust the tax. A higher tax will generate more money, but it will reduce the population cap. A lower tax will do a completely opposite thing.

Once you have created all of these, make sure you spend a lot of time in advancing and improving the city. Always build new homes and new buildings so the population limit is increased and you generate more money.

Tips and tricks needed to play Megapolis game

Below you will see some of the best and the most important tips and tricks that will allow you to play the game with a higher success. Some of these tips are mandatory and highly recommended.

Make your city highly attractive- In order to get the most from the city and the residents, you will need to make it as attractive as possible. Build special buildings and structures to get this advantage.

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megapolis mod apkComplete mini missions- Megapolis game is filled with mini-missions. They will help you get awards, money or something other.
Upgrade- Each building in the game can be upgraded. Once you have collected enough funds, spend it on improving the production/resource generating of a building.

Unlock achievements- You will have to unlock achievements by building specific structures so you can use them in to activate additional features.

Collect the tax- You know by now that the main part of the Megapolis game is a tax. Collect it and save it. Once you gather enough, spend it on the expansion.

Check on other players- On a mobile version you can click on the TOP icon and check out the best players. Steal some secrets from them, so you can make your city better.

Megapolis Cheats

Megapolis Cheat – Each player will have to wait a specific time in order to be able to collect the tax or reward from a building. If you want to avoid waiting, all you have to do is to change the time on your smartphone or device. Move it forward and you will get the resources instantly.

Visiting friends- Visiting your friends will have a huge effect on the game. It will allow you to unlock additional features.

Megapolis Hack Cheats Mod Apk Online Tool 2017

The Megapolis game may be complicated, but it is a priceless source of fun. You can play it in a web browser or on your smartphone/tablet and the experience will be unforgettable. Don’t forget to play slowly and make smart decisions. Also, make sure to use our Megapolis Hack Cheats Mod Apk Online Tool whenever you need a helping hand!

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