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Pokemon Emerald Rom (USA) 2.8.1 GBA [Free Download]

This is the latest 2017 updated version, fixing minor bugs and improving on performance and compatibilty.

Size: 6.7 mb

Language: English (USA)

File Extension: .zip file

All of the gamers who are looking or the ultimate game based on Pokemons, should definitely download and try this Pokemon Emerald ROM. Why? This is a mixture of the different Pokemon games, and one of the first (third sequel) that was released. It is also one of the most popular games of this kind ever developed. It has no conventional limitations that were standard back at that time, offers lots of tweaks and new features and is extremely fun!

In Game Screenshots:

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How to use Pokemon Emerald ROM with the emulator?

Now you want to play this game on the emulator, but you don’t know how? It is actually very simple and it takes just a few steps. We will explain them below.
1. Open and install your emulator.
2. Go to the insert or import or load option (depending on an emulator).
3. Load the game file (ROM file).
4. Lay the game.
As you can see it is more than just simple. Our current rom version works on all emulators and there are no bugs nor graphic issues.

What is Rom?

You all know what this game represents, but most of you actually don’t know what ROM is. It is simply a file that has been obtained from the official game, from a game arcade board or a cartridge or a game’s chip. The file is modified with the help of a hex editor. This is a program that is used to modify all non-textual data and it is one of the most popular software for ROM editing.
When imported to the software in question, a programmer or an experienced game fan can edit literally anything. All the graphics, sounds, elements can be removed or new can be added. This is a great way to improve old games that were popular back at the time. What’s more interesting is that ROM files usually bring all the features that most fans ever wanted, but the official developers never implemented them into the game.
The main point of a ROM file is to be played on a computer. It will require an emulator, a tiny software which will be explained below.

Best GBA Emulators

As we already have mentioned, an emulator is a software that allows you to play ROM games on your computer. They are commonly supported by Windows computers, but newer versions also work on Mac and Linux computers. Some of them should be installed and some are portable, meaning that they don’t have to be installed on your PC. Using emulators also enables you to use gameshark codes and cheats. There are a lot of emulators, especially for this gba game. The best are:

1. Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0

This is one of the oldest and the best emulators you can possibly get. It is also the largest, with the size of 1MB. As we said, all emulators have small sizes. If you want to play the Pokemon Emerald ROM without bugs, this is a software for you. More than 14.000 gamers have voted for this emulator!

2. Visual Boy Advance M

The emulator here is also very good, but it is a smaller version (530 KB) of the first software we mentioned here. It also has fewer features and capabilities than the first version, but it is a decent emulator. It has about 2.500 votes.

3. VBA Link

One of the most popular emulators, with 2.600 votes is here. It offers everything you need to play the game and it is very easy to use. All others are more complicated.

Different versions

  • As you may know, the Pokemon Emerald is very popular, so it is perfectly understandable why it has several different ROMs. This is a Pokemon game with the most hacked versions on the internet. Even better, new ones are coming all the time.
  • Pokemon Emerald Omega- This is simply the most common ROM you can get. It is a hacked version of the original Emerald and it belongs to a community of gamers who are addicted to the game in question. This is also one of the feature-richest ROMs.
  • Pokemon Emerald Dreams- If you liked Liquid Crystal sequel, you are going to love this ROM. It tells a story before the Liquid Crystal, so it definitely has to be played, just to get a better idea about the main story.
  • Pokemon Coltan Edition- A German hack, also highly appreciated and commonly rated as one of the best ROMs.
  • Pokemon Dragonstone 2- One of the first hacks of the Emerald game. It features the simplest graphics.
  • Pokemon BlackGranite X- The ROM is developed by a 13-year old gamer, so we must appreciate it. It has a lot of bugs, but it is an interesting choice.
  • Pokemon Reversal Of Illusion- This is a Chinese hack that deserves a special attention. It is an old ROM, without bugs and a simple gameplay.

All You Need To Know About This Game

Pokemon Emerald is the third generation of Pokemon games, and it is commonly known as the improved version of Sapphire and Ruby games. At the same time, we must mention that Pokemons of the first and the second generation are present in the game.
As a Pokemon trainer, your goal is to defeat win 8 Gyms, defeat the main champion and to take the Elite four. All of this happens in the Hoenn region and there are a lot of secret features in the game.

Main Features

The main change and the main feature of the game are all-new 2 on 2 battles which are by far more sporadic and more interesting than ever before. It is also possible to enjoy in these battles more often.
Pokemon League Champion is Wallace and defeating him won’t be an easy task. You should know that you can battle him only once.  Altering Cave is a new area added to the game. Here, your Pokemons will change, but only when you use Wonder Spot.
In the game and also available in the Pokemon Emerald gamers will be able to play with new Pokemons and to enjoy in several, graphics improvements. For example, Pokemon’s outfits are improved and look much better.

Pokemon Emerald Rom: Summed Up

NameFile SizeExtensionDescriptionRegionsNumber of Pokemons
Pokemon Emerald Rom6.7 mb.zipCatch, battle and trade Pokemons! Hoenn region introduces new adventures and features a lot of improvements to game mechanics, like 2 vs 2 battles.Hoenn Region Only212 / 386